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International Lindy Hop Championships 2012

December 7, 2012

This year’s 5th International Lindy Hop Championships took place in August and had over 800 people registered, and even more plastered to their computer screens watching the streaming video of it online (with commentary). Kate and I judged many events as well as competed in a few.

Kate & I competed in various contests. To switch it up a bit, we danced with different partners for the contests.

Here is Kate’s first place dance with Nick Williams:

Here is my 3rd place dance with Laura Keat:

I also made it to the Solo Charleston finals, which is here.

As I like to wait awhile before watching myself on video, you will probably have seen these before I have.

For me, I would never really describe a competition weekend as “incredibly fun” , because, like most heavy competitors, I spend a third of the time practicing and preparing, a third of the time waiting for my comp to start, and a third of the time competing, which can be a fun but emotionally and mentally draining experience. The fun happens mostly when you’re in the middle of a comp, or when you’re done with one. And of course, the greatest fun is Sunday night, after you’re done with everything, and all there is to do left is social dance with people from all over the world. Yet as far as comp weekends go, ILHC is incredible with what they offer the community. Definitely check out the Juniors Division at this years event.

Thank you, ILHC, for another incredible year.

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