Adventures: Lindy Focus, Part 1

December 28, 2012

(Bobby is at Lindy Focus, doing privates, MC work, and Performances. Kate is in Sweden, doing privates and DJing at Snowball, Europe’s biggest new Years Eve event. This post is about Bobby’s adventures.)

The drive to Asheville, NC is absolutely gorgeous, full of two lane highways that wind through low mountain ranges and pastoral beauty.

For the opening ceremonies of Lindy Focus tonight, I composed a hip hop song that we performed live, thanks to a large group of good friends and wonderful dancers/hip hoppers.

Because we only had thirty minutes to rehearse it in the space with mics and level tests, and those mics and levels changed during the time between our rehearsal, I was vaguely conscious during the performance that a lot of the lyrics couldn’t be understood. so, here’s a link to the original demo recording and lyrics:

A hug thanks to all the people who helped us perform it live:

Musicians: Michael Gamble, Andy Reid, Nathan Bugh, Jeremy Otth Beatbox: Michael Jagger and Dorry Segev Rappers: Andrew Thigpen, Mikey Pedroza, Myself. Hypemen: Jon Tigert, Andrew Munoz, Bobby Bonsey, Kevin St Laurent.

And to our master soundman Jeramie Anderson.

Happy Lindy Focus to those who are here.

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