Events: Beantown 2013

July 16, 2013

Several times over the last few years, we have had the opportunity to teach and dance at one of Swing Dance history’s longest running camps, Beantown. It takes place at Endicott college, an hour outside of Boston, near the shore. So basically, it’s a week of walking around a picturesque New England college and dancing.

The students are some of the most enjoyable, engaging students to work with, and the promoters go out of their way to ensure an incredible week by bringing in bands like Jonathan Stout and Gordon Webster, who play for two nights each. The combination of the camp’s smaller, intimate vibe and the incredible bands make it one of the best weeks of live music in the swing scene — and make it a little secret. To give you an idea of all the sorts of all the great opportunities at the camp, Bobby was able to give an interview with legendary Lindy Hopper Norma Miller (that has been praised as one of the best interviews ever done with her), Kate played viola in the talent show, and both of them got the chance to murder a huge ice cream sundae after the camp’s final dance. Bobby was also able to help out with next year’s promotional video. Check out some of those below:

Interview with Norma Miller

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