Random Notes from Italy

July 31, 2013

July 12-15th, we taught at Balboa Revolution in Italy. Here were a few quick notes on the incredible experience.

Genoa is spelled and pronounced Genova in Italy, and is the birth place of foccatia and pesto. Two of Bobby’s favorite dishes.

For Kate’s Italy photo album, click here.


Our wonderful host, Silvia, has come to the States often for dance camps. Upon eating American bread for the first time, she scoffed, and literally said “In my country, we feed this bread to poor people.” I have to admit, In Italy, after eating the bread, I told her, “In my country, we feed this bread to rich people.”

We she comes to the US again, we already have plans to take her to The Olive Garden. And we’re going to tape the experience. Seriously.


She also doesn’t smoke, drink wine, or like coffee, olive oil, or . And yes, she gets lots of flak from Italians about that.


In Italy, apparently, Bruscetta only comes with a little seasoning, olive oil, and tomatoes. To call anything else bruscetta is not only looked down upon, it is also possibly a capital offense.


Out of our two weekend drivers, two out of two of them held true to the stereotype that in Italy, lanes are just suggestions.


The picture is the view from one of our many outdoor restaurant experiences in the city. The weather was room temperature. It was kind of amazing.

It was absolutely beautiful. Well done, Italy. Great students, great town.

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