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Bobby and Kate | Swing Dance Instruction and Performance » Bobby & Kate’s 10-Year Dance-aversary!

Bobby & Kate’s 10-Year Dance-aversary!

July 7, 2014

10265619_510023825765538_667787311453842737_o (1)This June we celebrated our 10-year Dance-aversary, marking the 10 years since Kate and I first officially became partners at ABW Weekend in 2014.

We first met just a year or so earlier, when I was out dancing in Atlanta, and Kate was visiting her parent’s house on a college break from Cleveland. There, she was learning Balboa and Lindy Hop. We became our favorite people to dance with pretty quickly, and decided, hey, why not try out this competition?

10 years later, we still manage to not kill people in airports, or in each other’s sleep.

To celebrate, we’ve been recently teaching some classes centered around some of our favorite inventions over the span of our partnership. It’s actually been very inspiring to do some of those old moves again, and remember “Oh, wait, I had forgotten how much I love this move!” So, if you’re in any of our upcoming workshops, we may bust out some of the old stuff, like “The Bob Dole” or “The Vortex.”

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