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Bobby and Kate | Swing Dance Instruction and Performance » Great Practice Music: Jacquet in the Box (Jonathan Stout)

Great Practice Music: Jacquet in the Box (Jonathan Stout)

August 7, 2014

imagesThis is a new series here, where we talk about some of our favorite songs, for both social dancing and practice/teaching.

In this edition:


As performed by Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five.

Which you can sample or purchase here.

When we teach or practice, we like to have music that

(1) Has a solid swing rhythm.
(2) Is of good enough recording quality that the rhythm is obvious.
(3) Has a flow to the melody and solos. (Melodies that play with rhythm such as “Dig it” or “Savoy Blip,” which are also on the album, can be very fun and great for social dancing, but distracting when working on dance technique.)
(4) Has good energy.

“Jaquet in the Box” fills all the boxes, and is perfect for either medium-tempo Lindy practicing or slow Balboa/Bal-Swing practicing. Also, its playful style has not gotten old, despite how many countless times we have used it over the years. It’s a great choice for any practice playlist.

Note: “Jaquet” refers to Illinois Jaquet, the great tenor sax jazz musician. He is known best for his famous solo on Flyin’ Home.

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