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Bobby and Kate | Swing Dance Instruction and Performance » GREAT PRACTICE MUSIC: “Two O’Clock Jump”


November 3, 2014

harryThis is a series where we talk about some of our favorite songs. Kate and I (Bobby) are both extremely passionate about the music we dance, teach, and practice to.

In this edition:

“Two O’clock Jump” by Harry James

Listen to it here (at least, a version of it — can’t find the real one on YouTube)

Buy it here

Harry James decided to pay tribute to Basie by composing an arrangement around the famous “One O’Clock” Jump riff. The result is a song that I get asked the name of every time I DJ it.

This is one of our staples for teaching/practicing. It has a fantastic swing groove throughout the entire recording, high fidelity, and goes through a wide range of simple-but-very-common-swing musicality. It’s well-suited for either a medium Lindy Hop or a slower Bal and Bal-Swing. It is also so good that it gets students pumped up and dancing moves more so than trying to work them out, so this is something we tend to use *after* students have started to get familiar with a concept. Use sparingly and accordingly.

The only other thing to be aware of is that the horns get pretty loud/shrill at the end, and so fight the urge to play it loud, no matter how great it sounds to do so.

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One response to “GREAT PRACTICE MUSIC: “Two O’Clock Jump””

  1. I took a class with you two at allbal almost 10 yrs ago now, hope to make it back someday. I thoroughly agree with your songs listed so far. Do you have any thoughts on Bunny Berigan – Troubled? It one of my favorites, it’s on youtube under Frankie Trumbauer

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