Great Practice Music: Jacquet in the Box (Jonathan Stout)

August 7, 2014

This is a new series here, where we talk about some of our favorite songs, for both social dancing and practice/teaching. In this edition: JACQUET IN THE BOX As performed by Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five. Which you can sample or purchase here. When we teach or practice, we like to have music that […]

Adventures w/ Uncle Bobby #02: Henley, UK

August 4, 2014

Great Swing Music: One O’Clock Jump (1957)

July 28, 2014

This is a new series here, where we talk about some of our favorite songs. Kate and I (Bobby) are both extremely passionate about the music we dance to. We have different (though often overlapping) tastes, but we certainly agree that a song has to swing. In this edition: One O’Clock Jump (1957) [200 bpm] […]

Adventures w/ Uncle Bobby #01: CHICAGO

July 14, 2014

So, I have two nephews that live in Atlanta, Ga. I live in DC, and on top of that travel all the time, so I only get to see them two or three times a year. They are now getting old enough to care about the wonderment of the world, and so I decided I […]

Bobby & Kate’s 10-Year Dance-aversary!

July 7, 2014

This June we celebrated our 10-year Dance-aversary, marking the 10 years since Kate and I first officially became partners at ABW Weekend in 2014. We first met just a year or so earlier, when I was out dancing in Atlanta, and Kate was visiting her parent’s house on a college break from Cleveland. There, she […]

Which Unwanted Effects Can Viagra Cause?

December 7, 2013

For families who are purchasing remedies online, there are some great points that should be considered. Generally discount remedies save money, but few companies offer better deals than other companies. What can customers buy in online pharmacies? Very likely every adult has heard at least something about “levitra prices“. Online pharmacies fill millions of online […]

Bobby on Swing Nation

October 26, 2013

Hey guys! This last week Bobby created a history video for Yehoodi’s Swing Nation. You can see it here:

Ponder on This: 20 Hours

August 27, 2013

As a teacher, coach, and general trying-to-get-better-at-things kind of guy, I’ve become fascinated in the art of learning over the last several years. It has effected the way I teach greatly, and this in particular is a fun and informative ┬áTED talk that I think says a lot of great things and is very empowering […]

Why I Love Balboa

August 20, 2013

Hey! For an event coming up in Newcastle, England, I (Bobby) made a little video called “Why I Love Balboa.” And here it is!  

Random Notes from Italy

July 31, 2013

July 12-15th, we taught at Balboa Revolution in Italy. Here were a few quick notes on the incredible experience. Genoa is spelled and pronounced Genova in Italy, and is the birth place of foccatia and pesto. Two of Bobby’s favorite dishes. For Kate’s Italy photo album, click here. *** Our wonderful host, Silvia, has come […]