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DJ & MC bios

Upcoming DJ engagements:

RegularlyThe Jam CellarKate
Oct. 4-6Eastern Balboa ChampionshipsKate
Jan. 274th Friday of the Month Bal NightKate

Kate Hedin - DJ

Being a conservatory-trained musician, Kate has a deep understood knowledge of elegant catfights. She also has a great appreciation for jazz music. Kate is a regular DJ at Washington DC's The Jam Cellar, and at swing dance events across the nation. Her ear for music is in such high demand that she has arranged competition music for national events like The Boston Tea Party and at ILHC. Kate favors 1930s and 40s swing, like Chick Webb and Benny Goodman.

Bobby White - MC

Bobby got his start MC-ing for the famous LCA Charity "Bachelorette" Auction at Sewannee University, where his combination of vaudeville wit and heart-wrenching speeches inspired hundreds of women to bid on men dressed like hairy women. He also starred as the Emcee in a professional production of Cabaret, so there's that. Since then, he was the Master of Ceremonies for the Hot Jam dance club in Atlanta for 2 years, as well as at the Bal Jam event each year, though he is still looking for the perfect combination of MC skills to inspire hundreds of lindy dancers to bid on men dressed like hairy women.

Bobby White - DJ

Bobby got his start DJing for the famous LCA parties at Sewannee University, where his selection of Stevie Wonder and Madonna sent freshmen into epileptic seizures of excitement and would inevitably leave them running around the house wearing nothing but a beer funnel. He also DJed a vintage radio program at his college radio station which he knows at least one person listened to (it was a college of 1200, after all). Since then, he has DJed at numerous dances and is still looking to find the perfect song combination to send Lindy dancers running around the venue wearing nothing but a beer funnel.

Bobby has spun at such events including Atlanta Varsity Showdown (Oct. 2006), Down South Camp Meeting (Feb. 2006),
Bal Jam (Sept. 2005), and Chatta-Atl-Nash-Knox-Nooga-Ville (2004, '05, '06). He has also been a regular DJ of the ASEDA monthly dances, the GATech monthly dances, and a House DJ for Hot Jam, Atlanta's Monday night venue. His favorites to spin are Count Basie, Sidney Bechet, Benny Goodman, Willie Bryant, Slim, Slam, and Django, with particular emphasis on lasting dance classics.