Technique for Balboa Followers

Learn the fundamentals of Balboa and Bal-Swing from the viewpoint of a follower — the one who doesn’t know which move is coming next, and must live and react in the moment. Rather than looking at following as a series of patterns, Kate and Bobby give followers all the tools needed to follow the major Balboa movements, and thus almost anything a leader can throw at a follower. Topics covered include posture, rhythm, stretch, compression, out-and-in movement, and turning.

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Aesthetics for Balboa Followers

This DVD for followers is all about getting a great look and style in Balboa and Bal-Swing. But it’s much more than just a collection of followers’ variations — it’s a DVD about showing followers how to build and invent their own styles and empower their own voices. It explains how a follower like Kate has created hers based on the mechanics and spirit of Balboa and Bal-swing. It doesn’t just explain what a follower can do, but why, when, and how a follower can do it. The DVD also covers beginner advanced styling ideas and AESTHETICS for Balboa Followers to variations.

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