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Bobby and Kate | Swing Dance Instruction and Performance » Rates and Requirements

Rates and Requirements

Terms and Conditions and other miscellaneous information for Bobby White & Kate Hedin


(all rates are in US Dollars, to be paid in US Dollars)
Classes: $150 per person, per hour* ($300 total as a couple per hour)
*class time rounded up to the nearest 1/4 hour
Private Lessons: $100 for one instructor (w/1 or 2 students), $140 for both instructors (w/1 or 2 students)
Small Groups: If interested please ask for more information
Level Tests: We charge our private lesson rate for level tests, $100 each per hour.
Panel discussions, Q&A’s, etc.: We charge our private lesson rate, $100 each per hour.


For weekends, we have a minimum of 8 classes or $1200 per person ($2400 total).
For week-long camps, we have a minimum of 12 classes, or $1800 per person ($3600 total).


We require that our airfare be fully compensated by the event or promoter.

***NOTE: Kate is relocating as of December 2017, to Denver, Colorado***
Kate flies out of Denver International Airport (DEN)
Bobby flies out of one of the New York City Airports (JFK, LGA, EWR)
We fly with United Airlines. (or Star Alliance partners within Europe/Asia/etc.)
***NOTE: We cannot be booked in United’s “Basic Economy” (the budget option), since it does not provide the same protection/baggage compensation as Regular Economy.***

Frequent Flyer Info:
Katherine Hedin: United Mileage Plus – JE797848
Robert White: United Mileage Plus – WTA92215


Bobby and Kate require separate beds.
We ask for beds in a room with a door that closes. (ie. No air mattresses and no couches in a common room)
We are fine sharing a room with each other. We are also okay roomming with other people (but not beds), as long as those potential roommates are cleared by us first. … In addition, we ask for no more than 3 people to a room (with our preference being 2).


Meals are to be provided or reimbursed by the promoter/organization for the duration of the event.
We have no allergies or dietary restrictions. However, Kate does not eat red meat, so if that is the only food option, please include her on the vegetarian list.


Scheduling & sleep considerations: We require that our last obligation of the evening and our first obligation of the morning cannot be scheduled within 9 hours of each other.

Kate does NOT dance in smoke friendly environments (bars, pubs, other private venues that have smoking inside)–specifically, venues where there is active smoking in the dancing area. Aside from overall negative health ramifications, Kate has a history of athletic induced asthma, which cigarette smoke severely aggravates. If there is a dance in such venue, Kate cannot attend; Bobby may choose to still go at his discretion. PLEASE ask about this if you have questions; we know that many venues have unique layouts, so some venues might be okay, while others are more problematic.


We offer one judged competition free, when hiring us for a weekend. Judging services beyond that are $25 per portion of competition (eg. prelims, semis, finals, etc.).
We hare happy to judge any Balboa or Lindy Hop competitions (strictly, Jack & Jill, showcase, team).
Bobby is also happy to judge solo charleston competitions.
All other competitions, please inquire.


We are happy to do teacher demos or other social demos, free of charge.
For all other performances, please inquire.

DJ Services

Kate is available for hire as a DJ for events, at a rate of $25 per hour. (Please inquire for special requests or small events.)
Kate also is available as Competition DJ, for a flat rate of $250. (for up to 4 competitions. +$25 per competition after that.)
If Kate has been hired to teach at the event, she cannot be scheduled to DJ later than 1:30. (This ensures that DJing obligations do not negatively impact her primary job as teacher.)
DJ bio:
Being a conservatory-trained musician, Kate has a deep understood knowledge of elegant catfights. She also has a great appreciation for jazz music. Kate is a regular DJ at Washington DC’s The Jam Cellar, and at swing dance events across the nation. Her ear for music is in such high demand that she has arranged competition music for national events like The International Lindy Hop Championships, Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout, and Music City Shuffle. Kate favors 1930s and 40s swing, like Chick Webb and Benny Goodman.”

MC Services

Bobby is available for hire as MC for events. (Please inquire for more details/terms.) For more information about his experience, credentials, and bio, please see the DJ & MC page. MC photo found here.

Name / Bio / Photos / Video

Names: Please spell names correctly on all websites and promotional material:
Kate Hedin (pronounced “Heh-DEEN”)
Robert White

Bio: Click here for our bio

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